I have clarity now

As previously mentioned, I  ordered a polish from the supplier of the Resin as well as another type which is a special plastic polish used to fix scratches in phone displays etc.

Both work very well although I think the plastic polish is even better for the glass like finish.

Here some pics of the results:

This is the first of the special projects, more of a prototype I have to admit.

Unpolished and polished sides


Top View of the finished product


I am a little bit disappointed with the result as some resin leaked into the jack while I was sealing it, of all things… I had to drill it out, this caused damage to it so now I have a semi-working plug, you live and learn, I now use clear epoxy to seal the plugs.


It’s not completely polished yet, I need a dremmel )


Pretty Clear!


New Version, this one is customer ready, well besides not being polished 🙂


Secret awesomeness



More to come…


4 Responses to “I have clarity now”

  1. sweet. You could also fill the plugs with plasticine and then remove it afer you finished

  2. Interesting; I am just thinking of doing some work in resin – I would like to make some resin spaghetti, snakey shapes; not quite sure how to do it ,but your pictures gave me some idea of the process. Incidentally I quite liked yours being secretly awesome.

    • Thanks for the comment!
      If you want to make some interesting and intricate shapes you should consider using a silicone mold where you place your shapes (perhaps made of clay or plastic or some other easily malleable material) inside, then make a negative mould, then you can pour resin positives.
      Good luck.

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