Why you no shine?

I have been racking my brain going all oven town trying to find brasso or equivalent to polish the resin cast however whatever I tried the block ended up milky so I set up my cam with my 105mm Nikkor macro and extension tubes to see what is going on on the surface of the resin, why do you not shine!

Here is a closeup of the resin after using a polishing cream guaranteed to shine metal including chrome up to a luscious shine:

Yeah really shiny…


So next I used a polishing paste which was for silver cutlery and took another snap:


Better but what the hell


Next an even more mild abrasive, this one is made for “all types of materials”


Mildest of the shop bought abrasives

So after much polishing, even using a polishing “fur” on a drill press I thought about what else could be less abrasive than these commercial products…

Enter toothpaste.

The first one is of the teeth whitening variety, man oh man I have to stop using that on my teeth!

Lines are now vertical, I wanted to make sure I was actually doing something.


Next I moved to the kind with the red and blue stripes running through it:

You can see it’s starting to shine!

And some more elbow grease:

The native structure is starting to show

And more some, notice that I cannot get rid of those deep scratches made from the initial sanding/polishing

Extreme closeup, Nikkor 105mm Micro with 3x kenko extension tubes, SB700 placed behind the block firing at the lens

A coin to give you a size comparison… The coin is only

Sense of scale… This coin is 16mm wide and 1mm high.


Some swirls from the box colouring.

Swirls of dye


What this has shown me is, sometimes products which have a completely different intention can help you and resin should be treated like glass.

I now need to find an intermidiate to remove the large scratches, or at least make smaller ones as even now it’s really not as clear as it was when it was unsanded.

Here are some wider views with differing flash angles:


macro + 3 rings

2 rings

1 ring

Lens only

Look at all those scratches… the back-light really accentuates it.

35mm back-lit

35mm side-lit

35mm natural light


I have ordered a special resin polish, it was expensive but hopefully it will give me a watery clear finish.





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