Time to cast

The resin set beautifully and I started to sand it down a bit, unfortunately it is a public holiday here in Swiss so I had to very quickly use the belt sander and I have subsequently started to sand it with some p800 and p1200 grit paper and  I’ll try and polish it up to some kind of clear surface, unfortunately at the moment I only have some sub par cutlery polish, will try and get some brasso tomorrow.

I created the box, sealed the power and camera trigger jack, added wax around the pot, well actually I sealed the headphone jack with wax as well as  the end was too small to successfully seal with sello-tape.

I hope the resin does not heat up too much and melt the wax, that would be catastrophic but it is what it is.

As a side note, when I used a bit of resin to seal the jacks form the back, the resin actually leaked into the jack and I had to drill it out, I trully thought it was ruined but luckily the jack still made contact with the cable, so for now, all is well.

The casket

Waxed outer I melted a candle with a heatgun and put it around the edges

Cocktail stick in my handheld drill, mixes perfectly! Hopefully no bubbles…


Leftovers eh.

Also in the picture is the leftover resin which I cast into a lightbulb, might make a cool paperweight.







One Response to “Time to cast”

  1. sweet, where is a pic of the other casing

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