Water Resin!

Firstly my previous breadboard of spaghetti has been “steampunked” if that makes any sense, I wanted it to look completely authentic when I cast it in the resin, luckily it works!


Closeup view

And from afar


The resin I purchased from Swiss Composites is a “Wasser Klar” resin which directly translated means “Water Clear”. It has the consistency of thick sugar water, or maybe a little thicker and it mixes beautifully, it is a pleasure to work with, even the smell is quite mild.

I created the mold with cardboard and mixed some resin to close the backs of plugs and tried to close the pot, unfortunately I have no idea if the pot will leak and it will break everything, that would be quite terrible. The circuit took a surprising time to make 😦

I also mixed the resin with the suggested quantities, now we will see if it cures clear and with no cracks, it only raised about 4 degrees in temperature after setting into the mold.








Looking forward to tomorrow, lets see how it turns out.


After 10 hours the resin barely started to jellify, it sure does take a while to cure.

Will check again this evening.

**Update 2**

After 28 or so hours the resin has seemingly hardened but is still slightly tacky.

It also show that it is not set as the temp is a degree higher than ambient.

Resin Temp



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