A test with resin

I had a lazy Sunday ahead and this was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at resin casting, especially casting electronics into resin.
The only resin I found was at a local hardware store and it looks like amber…
To be honest this whole thing started with blog I saw about a pre-amp which was cast in a clear resin cast and it looks absolutely amazing.
I have a lot of projects which I want to make and sell and I think this kind presentation sets it apart from the rest.
Here’s a link to the site:

I wanted to build a simple project which could benefit from the resin casting but also as a proof of concept for casting electronics into resin. I built a freeform 555 timer circuit which flashes a red and green LED, I used a circuit off a google search but didn’t have a 1uF cap, I used a 10uF instead so it switches every 7 seconds.

It is powered off USB so it can be one of those useless PC peripherals šŸ™‚

I will create a new one and cast in clear resin once I get it but I will also post the details of how it goes!

Here some details of 555 timer circuits, just added another LED to the positive rail to pin 3.


Anyway its a start, I have subsequently ordered some clear resin, pics of the project coming soon.


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